lundi 2 avril 2012

Nouveau Site web !!

Bien le bonsoir cher compatriotes !
Je viens tout juste de mettre en ligne la toute nouvelle version de mon site perso C4RROUSEL.NET
Il était temps ! Ça faisait plusieurs mois qu'il était en mode "coming soon" ça devait bien s'arrêter un jour. Voilà qui est fait !

Bonne visite !

Starting from this article, I think it's a good one to start this, I will translate all futur articles in english. I wish I had done that from the very beginning but it takes some time to do things right : )
Hope it will be worth the effort ahah ! 
I improve my work and grow up thanks to your comments, don't hesitate to give me your opinion on things I post...

Good evening dear fellows !
I just put my brand new website online C4RROUSEL.NET . It's about time ! He has been in "coming soon" mode for a long time, several months in fact, it had  to stop !

Enjoy your visit !

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